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Team Collaboration


Production Notes

Document and share pertinent job-specific information to communicate among departments, such as: progress, obstacles, shift transition or any internal note that is critical to ensure success of work flow progress. PTS production feature:

  • Is always available online to everyone
  • Auto-emails update send each morning and night
  • Keeps historical records for each job


Email Alerts

The email alert system keeps all team members up-to-date with pertinent information, or status updates to any project. In PTS you can set up custom email lists for each project, you can also include a client email address as part of the report distribution. Alerts keep employees up-to-the-minute on all aspects of what is going on ‘NOW’, such as:

  • Sales managers notified as soon as a job is ready
  • All employees know if a job is overdue
  • Daily sales and productivity summaries


Electronic File Cabinet

Store and document all historical communications between you and the customers. There’s a place to reference anything and everything associated with a specific project or case. PTS lets you:

  • Store all client communication
  • Store forensic acquisition photos
  • Upload copies of signed invoices


Multiple Location Ability

PTS allows you to switch between different locations and allocate resources if collaborating on projects. Corporate users can evaluate the current ‘State of Affairs’ of the entire company from one central location.

  • Teams can collaborate on projects at different locations
  • Corporate-level users can quickly compare each location
  • Individual employee access can be provided/denied at one or more locations
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