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Project Management


Customizable Work Order

Create and implement digital work orders with one standardized instruction form. Each category has many places for special instructions, which reduces errors. Multiple paper work orders are eliminated with one platform that offers:

  • Historical work order tracking
  • Reduced communication errors from job to job
  • Storage for special instructions


Project Completion Points

Manage deadlines in real-time status with PTS’s feature of pre-determined completion points. Real-time updates to job progress create job-specific entries to ensure no steps in work flow are missed. Each project has:

  • Accountability for the person who completed each
  • Ability to assign time expectations to job completion


Job Tracking

PTS is a Web-based application with secure login permitting you to view the status of your projects at any time. You know when a job is in jeopardy early on so that you can communicate with the client in advance. You can specify job classes, determine capacity and deadline projections. Tracking helps you recognize where to place resources to meet customer demands. Other job tracking features include:

  • Color-coded status to make viewing easy
  • Red flashes for jobs in jeopardy of missing deadlines
  • Automated email notifications of overdue jobs


Track Vended Work

Don’t let out of sight be out of mind. Services that are not offered internally need to be outsourced; yet can be tracked internally to assure deadlines are met. PTS lets you build in the service offerings provided from vendors, and associate your internal items. Maximize accountability with features that:

  • Track outsourced work
  • Ensure deadlines are met
  • Guarantee vendor quotes are consistently priced


Forensic/Evidence Tracking

Many customers require that we track their media’s whereabouts and document the different stages of processing and end results. PTS gives you peace of mind that you are following chain of custody requirements and storing historical information.

  • Know the exact location of inventory
  • Upload photos of device acquisitions
  • Maintain copies of all signed documentation


Billing Summaries

Instantly collect and print your billing summaries. PTS will automatically calculate and summarize all revenue to be invoiced for each and every project. PTS has built-in safeguards to ensure no task will go unaccounted for.

  • Eliminate manual errors in revenue calculation
  • Automatically derive costs from any job to see what you’re really making
  • Show efficiencies/deficiencies with detailed summaries


Customizable Invoice

With PTS’ fully customizable invoices you can create your invoices with two clicks from a completed job. Email notifications are sent to sales reps when jobs are invoiced. PTS also has the ability to split an invoice among multiple entities for a single job.

  • Brand your invoices with your logo and content
  • Pull billable data from one or more jobs with no double entry
  • Upload your signed invoices to PTS
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