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Employee Productivity


Time Clock

Utilize this feature to keep all your company’s information in one place. Users can login in and out from any computer, or you can use our IP Security technology to restrict users’ access to a specific location. Simple time card reports track payroll, holidays and vacations.

  • Automatic calculations reduce time and errors
  • Real-time vacation tracking eliminates confusion over days available
  • Instant access to productivity numbers provides material for employee reviews and hiring decisions


Who’s Working Now

View which employees are working on each project and how much time they spend to complete tasks.

  • Easily see who is working on what
  • Evaluate how long a task has been worked on
  • Determine which employees are not productive


Set & Track Goals per Employee

Set expectations for your employees, and use the evaluation tool to determine who is meeting or exceeding internal goals. PTS allows you to make fact-based decisions on underperforming personnel.

  • Expectations are clear and concrete
  • Employees can gauge performance
  • Real-time feedback is possible


Setup Employee Bonus Programs

Create an incentive plan for your employees. This feature gives you the option to:

  • Pay for performance
  • Customize bonus percentages per billable item
  • Calculate bonuses automatically for immediate results


Measure Employee Activity

Time stamps for tasks create reports that determine the time employees are productive over a given day, week or month.

  • Pinpoint opportunities to increase productivity
  • Create discussion points for employee reviews
  • Calculate time electronically to reduce errors 
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