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Contact Management/CRM


PTS Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your sales pipeline with PTS. Why have separate sets of customer data when PTS can do it all for you? Track leads as you work them from prospect to captured account, all the way jobs received.



Calendar Views

Quickly view your daily, weekly or monthly calendar. PTS CRM, links directly to existing appointments, and allows you to create new appointments or tasks from any window. Sales managers can also view the calendars of employees to gauge sales activity.



Track Potential Deals

Track deals within the CRM section and know whether they are pending, won or lost. Users have the ability to assign client names, importance and pipeline stage to each deal. Graphics on the deal homepage allow the user to quickly assess the status of each deal.



Activity and Revenue Forecasting

Develop your sales plan with PTS CRM’s forecasting feature. Create forecasts for the leading three months and compare to the trailing two months. Sales Managers can quickly review the forecasts for each of his or her employees. 


Track Expense Reports Electronically

Enter all your expense reports into PTS CRM. Users are able to upload electronic versions of all receipts and submit them directly to their sales manager for approval. Auto-email notifications during the approval process makes expense reporting a breeze.

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