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PTS for Law Firms

DocuLogix provides law firms with on-demand project management access to all in-house projects as well as those that have been outsourced. With DocuLogix, you can focus on managing your cases, discovery and task management all in one place.

  • Project Management:
    Forensic/evidence tracking, task assignment, project milestone management
  • Collaboration:
    Chat module, electronic file cabinet, e-mail notifications, project notes sharing, multi-location access
  • Best Practices:
    A systematic approach delivers quality results in record time
  • Increased Productivity:
    Time clock, goal setting, activity measurement, electronic invoice approval, email statement system
  • Revenue Capture:
    Time tracking, item pick lists, missed billing notifications, vendor management
  • Reports:
    Over 50 real time reports, ability to export PTS data anytime
  • Flexibility:
    Customization, Web-based, user friendly
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