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Security & Reliability

  • Your company‚Äôs data will be stored in a highly-secure Tier 4 data center. These highly secure locations offer 24 hour on-premise support, digital rights management, encrypted data and storage and compliance monitors.

  • The flagship Dallas center, at 186,000 square feet with 77,000 square feet of raised data floor space, offers two OC 192 high-speed uplinks as well as redundant and path-diverse entrances and exits. Dual-access routers connect the data center to multiple network access points. To ensure uptime, it is also outfitted with five 2,000k@/2Mg diesel generators (N+1 Redundancy) with a combined fuel run time of 25 hours.

  • The data center has on-site security with continuous closed-circuit video surveillance; security breach alarms; electronic card key access to floor, customer cage and cabinets; biometric palm scan and individual personal access codes; and a secured equipment staging area.

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