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Doculogix Announces a Lite Version of Their Innovative Litigation Support Project Tracking System Software

Doculogix today has announced the creation of a lite, free version of its Project Tracking System software, which allows litigation support personnel to manage projects, collaborate, follow best practices, increase productivity, generate reports and utilize revenue capture functionality.

The provider of the leading commercially available software designed specifically for the litigation support industry, announced today the availability of a free version, which offers users basic functionality. Doculogix, Inc.’s Project Tracking System, or PTS, makes it possible for legal service professionals to enjoy real-time project management, streamlining workflow and boosting profitability for clients.

Thanks to PTS, it is possible to track any type of litigation support service. This software offers a wide range of important features designed to increase project efficiency and allow users to track all aspects of a project.

Terry Vaughan, Owner and President of Doculogix Inc. stated, “When litigation support professionals try our software they quickly find they can manage projects seamlessly, collaborate and even generate real time reports in a highly secure and reliable fashion. Through this new no cost version, we hope that more users can have a chance to enjoy these benefits.”

All new users get the full version of PTS for 30 days. If they conclude the advanced features of PTS do not meet their specific needs, it is possible to opt for the lite version of the software with no cost. This lite, free version allows users to electronically track projects, collect all billable items, print billing summaries for invoicing, utilize the basic time clock functions and become part of the PTS National Network Directory. This directory will include all PTS vendors utilizing both the full version and the lite version of the software.

Doculogix’s customer portal allows our 65,000 plus law firm personnel access to the national network directory where they can request projects within PTS. Through PTS, Doculogix provides an online location that brings together all litigation support vendors and law firm clients, thus providing a centralized communication hub.

Terry Vaughan added, “We know that once litigation support vendors and law firm clients try PTS for themselves they will be excited about the new options and possibilities that this system opens up.”

About Doculogix
Doculogix, Inc. offers the world’s only commercially available software designed and developed specifically for the litigation support industry. Through Doculogix’s Project Tracking System (PTS), it is possible for those in the litigation support industry to have real-time project management. This invaluable tool serves to streamline workflow and improves profitability for every project and for every client. Learn more about PTS, by visiting


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