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Best Practices Consulting

Best practices are those processes that show superior results over time to become the standard way of doing business.  The most successful companies use a combination of product, such as PTS (Project Tracking Solution), and best practice work flow procedures to achieve greatest profitability and efficiency.


The DocuLogix management team brings 20 years of litigation industry support experience to every client interaction.  Companies who choose DocuLogix gain the resource of team experience in addition to the daily benefits and enhancements that come with PTS.  And when additional expertise is needed, the DocuLogix team is available for consultation that complements PTS.  Best practices consulting results from years spent in the litigation support industry combined with the perspective of helping many law firms, corporate counsel departments and litigation support companies be more efficient.


DocuLogix helps your company create, implement and train your employees on best practices that fit your organization in the areas of production, sales and business management.  We can bring this experience to your organization and help you as we have many of our current clientele.


DocuLogix can help in the areas of:



  • Incoming job procedures
  • Building an effective work order
  • Job distribution and deadlines
  • Labor management
  • Billing for profitability



  • CRM implementation and use
  • Sales leadership and management
  • Pricing for profitability
  • Setting goals for activity and sales


Business Management

  • Billing and invoicing workflow
  • Time and labor control
  • Statement and collection success
  • Electronic file management


Take a look at the PTS workflow chart for a visual map of how we work with clients.

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