Doculogix Electronic Workflow Manager

Eliminate bottlenecks in your workflow with our new eDiscovery project management tool for law firm litigation support teams.

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Doculogix: Electronic Workflow Manager

With the new EWM, law firms can build customizable and repeatable workflow models to handle the iterative Electronic Discovery Reference Model from preservation to production.

Project Management

  • Create specific service requests based on project type
  • Assign a task to individuals or workgroups
  • Track milestones from intake to deliverables
  • Monitor project progression to ensure deadline and quality compliance

Electronic Chain of Custody

  • Track everything from acquisition to destruction
  • Record custodians and assign specific media and evidence to each custodian
  • Assign media and evidence to projects and matters and track all task assigned to each

Communication tools & document repositories

  • Keep all project information in one simple platform to access by matter or project¬†
  • Add custom fields to record additional information
  • Add notes and assign tags for easy record keeping
  • Electronic file cabinet for easy access to project specific documents

“Our firm has needed something like this for a while to manage our eDiscovery process. Having the Doculogix team ask us for our input and needs during their development of EWM has been a plus, knowing that it was built with the law firms directly in mind.”

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Every license of EWM comes with our free best practice consulting from our industry experts. We’ll work with your team to create, implement and train employees on practices that fit your organization in the areas of production, sales and business management.



We are hands-on to give your staff the skills and confidence to enhance your business operations. Your support includes set up of your EWM, and ongoing communication of new features, and updates. With onsite training, we’ll set clear goals and expectations,¬† provide a thorough overview of departmental roles and responsibilities within each software, and leave with you feeling confident in the benefits and features of an automated system.


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