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Advanced Discovery, Managing Across Multiple Locations

Advanced DiscoveryThe Client
Advanced Discovery is a full-service e-discovery provider with 11 locations and about 375 employees across the nation. Their services include everything from forensic investigations and data collection to managed attorney review and productions.

The Challenge
Advanced Discovery had many different tools and processes for project
management, with hundreds of employees across multiple cities. Each
office had their own way of tracking client projects and varied on their
pricing models. Employees in separate locations lacked the ability to bill projects from other offices.

“Before PTS, we were frustrated about having so many different systems – the inefficiency also created stress for our employees.”

Cory Flynn, Director of ESI Operations Advanced Discovery

DocuLogix Solution
PTS makes it possible to share people resources across multiple locations. It’s also a quick process to add new offices and users as needed. PTS is flexible, allowing Advanced Discovery to integrate many different types of litigation support. The team at DocuLogix knows the litigation support industry inside and out. PTS is a project management system designed exclusively for litigation support, and it includes all the features needed to streamline business processes.

The Results
Since first installing PTS in November 2010, Advanced Discovery has added six locations. People in different cities can now work on the same projects without confusion. Having the capability to remotely access all projects makes tracking revenue for large projects simple. In addition to facilitating daily processes, PTS gives the ability to bill for services in a timely manner with appropriate and consistent pricing models that tie in with QuickBooks.

What’s Next?
Advanced Discovery will benefit greatly from the electronic invoicing feature. They will be able to bring all the business management pieces in-house and continue to grow the company. The upcoming financial feature of PTS will have an electronic approval system and electronic statements to aid Advanced in gaining new clients.

“DocuLogix doesn’t stop with the sale – they’re quick to respond to questions and issues.”

Cory Flynn



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