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Case Studies

PTS by DocuLogix has assisted various companies with multiple litigation support needs increase their quality of services. Below you can find a few case studies that outline the issues some of our clients faced before implementing PTS and how PTS has helped change their litigation support business.


A litigation support company providing traditional copy/scan services to law firms and corporate legal departments was still manually tracking projects from input to billing. Learn how PTS streamlined their project management and improved customer service. [Read more]


A full-service e-discovery provider with 11 locations and about 375 employees across the nation had many different tools and processes for project management. Find out how PTS made it possible to share people resources across multiple locations. [Read more]


A small litigation support vendor that specializes in legal copying, scanning, videography and e-discovery services as well as traditional document copying, binding and off-set printing services to both the business and legal community needed to reduce the paper workflow. Read how PTS has the ability to electronically capture all their jobs. [Read more]

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