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Elite Document Technology, Automated Project Management

Elite Document ManagementThe Client
Elite Document Technology is a Texas-based, litigation support company providing traditional copy/scan services to law firms and corporate legal departments. They also have a large technical staff for providing electronic discovery services, hosted review solutions and computer forensics.

The Challenge
Elite Document Technology had a manual process for tracking projects from input to billing. Everything was on paper or in an excel spreadsheet. Staff entered time at the end of each day to account for time spent on a variety of customer projects. Many hours were spent on these unbillable activities, and often caused delays in production. Worse, when work got very busy, this important tracking often fell to the bottom of the list, creating questions of accuracy and cash flow issues due to the extra time needed to prepare invoices correctly.\

“We knew if we could get every employee using the same process for tracking time, it would make invoicing cleaner and easier.”

Brent Beers, COO Elite Document Technology

DocuLogix Solution
Installing PTS was the critical first step in solving these issues for Elite. PTS includes every feature Elite needed to streamline project management and improve customer service. DocuLogix then provided consultation and training to ensure the Elite staff was ready to make the transition a smooth one. They eliminated many different paper forms and spreadsheets, and replaced it all with the PTS system, allowing employees to enter information into one secure system.

The Results
Elite now has all workflow and time tracking information in one database for easy access and timely invoicing. They’re able to easily generate reports that track labor percentages and revenue in real time. If a project begins to run off schedule or over budget, they can alert the customer immediately to prevent unwelcome surprises or lost revenue. Customers of Elite also appreciate the improved turnaround times.
Electronic invoice processing is the next big thing, and Elite is one of the first to use this exciting new feature of PTS. Customers are paying an average of 10 to 15 days faster because invoice processing is so much quicker and easier than ever before.

“More accurate estimates result in higher revenue for Elite. Every time anyone asks me about PTS, I always give a glowing endorsement. I can’t imagine going back to where we were.”

Brent Beers, COO



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